Sunday, December 12, 2010

Density, revisited. Third, (Blogging from Richardson, Texas)

discuss the claim that a compact city form will contribute to urban sustainability, link.


how urban density intensifies traffic congestion (and area pollution), link pdf.

Technology will help the surburban dream sustain, in my opinion, if that is what many of us want, and not turning surburbia into "city," which seems to be the "driving vision" (that and justifying an exhorbitantly costly train dream).

I like my surbuban [suburban] life. If I wanted to live in a much more dense place I would have moved directly into the big city. I like my multi car garage, private parking, large well insulated single family home, productive garden, quiet neighbors, favorite haunts down the road, schools, short or no waiting lines most everywhere local. I don't want to live in a cracker box or next to any of these apartments that are four or seven times or ten or more times the population of the adjacent neighborhood.

People all over the world want the dreams available in suburbia and that includes (it should not exclude) the wife, the 1.8 (or more) kids, the dog (or monkey) and the two car garage in suburbia. And the willingness to work to get it, and more.

Don't judge me. And don't rob me and other suburbanites of the dream by changing it all to your high density dream (which is not all you are cracking it up to be, other than the money in the players' pockets thing, that part is accurate).

-Maggie May USA